Dealing With Complexity

Leaders often try to simplify their lives–their mission. But I think that is the wrong approach. If you are not leading something that is complex you are not leading anything of significance. In other words a mission that carries significance is automatically complex.

Here is the bottom line–the key to complexity is not simplicity but focus.

Over the next few posts I will deal with this issue of complexity. I recently had the opportunity to lead our team leaders here in Italy through some content on this topic-see what you think.

Let’s begin with what are some of the sources of complexity. There are both good sources and bad sources of complexity.

Some bad sources of complexity might be team conflict, poor decision making on your part or on the part of a subordinate, a leader living only in the urgent (instead of the important), and a leader being over controlling (not willing to give away power). These types of issues add to a leader’s complexity–but only in an energy depleting way. They will also take you off focus.

Some examples of right or good complexity might be blessing and success. Success always creates more problems. These are usually the kind of problems we long to have–never the less they create more complexity and take energy and focus too. Giving power away is good and right for a leader to do–it develops others, allows leaders to maintain the right perspective, and invites ownership and creativity. There is a right way to empower others–we will save that for a later time. Another form of right complexity is when the scope of your mission is greater than your resource base to accomplish it. That may sound crazy–but this is what challenges your leadership senses and forces you to trust God. This calls out for godly stewardship. These are the kinds of complexities a leader wants–this is what cries out for focus–not simplicity.

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