Dealing With Complexity Part 2

Last time we took a look at a leader and complexity. I stated that the key to complexity is not simplicity but focus.

We also looked at some sources of complexity–noting that there were good sources and bad.

This time I want to look at some potential responses to complexity. There are those that are most likely and there is the correct response.

One response could be blame–this is usually a response to complexity that we feel has been handed down from above in the organization. We blame the “they” in our lives that we feel has made our leadership lives more complex. This could take the form of a new organizational goal or objective, a new mandated strategy or directive, or a new missional focus.

Another possible response is to complain–this usually looks down the organizational chain. In other words we complain about those we have to lead. We whine about them for making our leadership lives more complex. If only I could change or get rid of this team–life would be easier.

Another response could be to wilt–simply quit–or at least become paralyzed by all of the complexity and settle for meager results or a meager faith effort.

One response could be to work harder and faster. We are somewhat famous for this one in Campus Crusade–because we tend to attract “doers” who believe they can simply solve the complexity if enough backbone is put into it. But this is surely a path towards burnout.

Another response could be to over simplify the mission–aim for less than the organization wants or even we want.

I have lived out all of these results over my career. All of them end up at the destination of pity and dissatisfaction. The only proper response is a faith filled, prioritized sense of focus!

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