Complexity Part 3-Getting to Focus

Last time I detailed some possible poor responses to complexity. Now I want to look at what it takes to get into focus–since focus is the key to solving complexity.

I believe that focus begins with knowing the right questions to ask to analyze the situation–first, which questions does a spiritual leader need to ask weekly?
1. Am I treasuring Christ personally? Am I helping others to do the same?
2. What is it only I can do?
3. What are the highest leverage activities I can be involved in today, this week, tis month? (These will most likely be issues of critical mass-investing in your team, funding issues, building partnering relationships, etc.
4. What are the systemic problems in the ministry? Keep asking “Why?”
5. What are the next steps in the mission?

Another critical component to getting to focus is a leader taking time to prayerfully consider his leadership. This can happen through weekly times of thought and reflection and through periodic personal retreats. Consider the following:
1. A reflective leader is a forward thinking leader.
2. A refreshed leader is a gracious leader.
3. A refocused leader is a refreshed leader.
4. A called leader is an enduring leader.

A third piece in getting to focus is prayerfully considering your team:
1. Who is on my team (paid staff, volunteers, partners, etc.)?
2. What are their gifts and abilities?
3. What is our sense of unity-relationally and in the mission?
4. Do they have clear direction?
5. Do they have adequate resources?
6. Do they appropriately own the mission?
7. If they are doing the best they can with what they have–what do they need to get better?
8. Are they experiencing Christ–personally and in community?

To sum up–the key to complexity is not simplicity but getting to focus. In my mind this is essential for every spiritual leader. To not lead something with complexity is to not be leading anything of significance. Complexity is part of the job–but so is a keen sense of godly focus.

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