A Little Fun @ France’s, huh, Italy’s Expense

We just got back from our family Spring Break trip. We enjoyed a wonderful few days in the Italian Alps skiing. It was the first time on skis for Courtney and Davis. We had two perfect days on the slopes–one with fresh snow falling all around us, providing excellent powder for beginners–and the other day a sun washed jewel of warmth and crispness.

We stayed about 30 minutes away from the ski area in a town called St. Vincent, Italy. Each day we had to take a fairly narrow mountain pass road from one side of the peaks to the other. Along the way we kept noticing this little town called Moron. Now most of the names in this area of Italy are French–since the location is only a few miles from the French border. So I understand that the name of this town should be pronounced with a swallowed “N.” But we couldn’t help it–the name was just too classic in English. We had to stop and get a picture made–probably looking like morons to all who passed by.

One response to “A Little Fun @ France’s, huh, Italy’s Expense

  1. That’s hilarious! Great photo!!!

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