What makes up personal development? Sometimes I think we make the topic overly complex. It is important as leaders that we value our people and their development. Development is essentially made up of three components: knowing the person that you are seeking to develop; knowing yourself; and being diligent about bringing resources to bear. You must continually be a student of those entrusted to your leadership. You must understand their stated needs and desires for growth. You must also employ a good feedback system so that you understand how others view them. You must understand yourself in the development process–what you have to offer–and what you can’t offer. None of us is omni competent–and therefore we need to look beyond ourselves to truly help people in their personal growth. And we must make strong efforts to bring the right resources to bear in the developmental process. In my mind these are the critical characteristics of development–if we are keen to continually live out these three parts of development we can bless those that follow us. And continue to point them to Christ.

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