Italian Fashion 2008

I am not a fashion guru by any stretch of the imagination–just ask my wife. But having lived in Italy for a little over two years now one has to pay a little more attention to what is “in” and what is “out.”

My aim here is to make sure you are in the know. Here is what I have learned so far. Apparently each year the fashion industry selects one color that dominates the fashion year. I think it has something to do with making money. This color change seems to take place on September 1st–which also coincides with scarf wearing season here–even if it is still 80 degrees. Sometimes the colors for men and women are the same–sometimes they are different. We arrived in 2006 and noticed that all the women were in something brown–and the men were all in some version of muted mustard yellow. In 2007 the men were consistently wearing muted burnt orange pants. I felt like I had just been dropped into a University of Texas alumni meeting. I’m actually not sure what the women were wearing. Give me a break–I was still trying to get the courage up to wear anything muted mustard yellow from the year before.

Well–while there is still time and you still have a small amount of disposable income left–I am here to let you know that the fashion color for this year–for both men and women–is PURPLE! Now I don’t want to appear disgruntled–but let’s face it–men don’t look good in purple–even if it is muted! But every major fashion house here in Florence has their windows filled with purple–Prada, Ferragamo, Dolce & Gabbanna, Armani, Versace–even Brooks Brothers. For men there are purple pants, purple ties, purple sport coats, purple dress shirts, purple sport shirts, purple scarves–even a few pair of purple shoes. Women look good in purple. Men look like over grown eggplants. But hey–far be it from me to hold you back from being fashionable. Maybe I’m not that secure as a man. Maybe next year I can get in my two euros to Nicola Trussardi to go for something in the realm of muted Crimson. That I would wear. Roll Tide!

2 responses to “Italian Fashion 2008

  1. Gary, I just enjoyed your comment on fashion. As you know, I am all too aware of clothing trends, but I have to remember so many of my friends and my Nebraska branch are in the category that you are in!By the way, I have a Christmas card to send to you, and I will appreciate you providing me a postal address. Thank you!

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