"The Most Memorable" of 2008

What stands out to you about the past year? We are at the end of another year. I like to take time and recount the previous year–I find it a necessity if I want the coming year to be any different. Otherwise the years become a succession of moments of little significance. It will take more time than I have today. The coming week will provide some reflection time–but for now here is a brief list of both personal things and worldwide events that caught my attention.

January-I began to read through the whole Bible in a year–chronologically–finished today and was truly blessed

January-The Western European Midyear Conference in Nerja, Spain-speaking to over 100 Stinters

April-great Easter ski trip with the family in the Italian Alps-first time ever for Court and Davis to be on skis

May-my wife and I celebrate 17 years of marriage–shocked anyone would stay with me that long!

May-we welcome another summer project team of great staff and students from the U.S. to help us minister in Italy

June-say goodbye to some good laborer friends (Ryan, LeaAnne, Sarah and Emily) as they return to the U.S. after ministering well in this nation

June-my sweet daughter Courtney turns 13!

June-Fiorentina making the Champion’s League in Soccer and was so fun to see how excited my son got

July-family vacation to London, England-outstanding

July-Spain winning the 2008 Eurocup in Soccer-and Italy going out in the first round

August-the 2008 Beijing Olympics-China fully emerges from the cold

August-doing a number of day trips with my family to hill top Tuscan towns-Italy as it once was

August-my son and I have a great day date at the Ferrari museum in Maranello, Italy

August-finally we have a Democratic Presidential Candidate-Barak Obama

August-my daughter and I have a great day date in Verona, Italy

September-Robert Mugabe continues to destroy a nation (one that I had ministered to in 1982–when he had only been in power for two years)-the Scriptures say “never let slaves become kings”

November-the 1st African American President in U.S. history

November-the University of Alabama football team is #1 for the first time since 1992 (my alma mater)

December-the full brunt of the sub prime mess comes to bear in the U.S. and around the world

I turn another year older-52!

Decembermy son and I have a great “guy time” weekend in Santa Margherita, Italy

December-great Christmas with Carrie’s parents in Florence

I am sure that I will come up with a few more key memories next week–but this gets me going–how about you?

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