It Matters Who Says It

I just returned from some Western European meetings in Dublin, Ireland. This was my first time to the Emerald Isle–and I was fascinated by both the city and the coastline. We only had one sunny day–which we took advantage of by doing a little hike out of Howth and around a piece of the coast. The scenery was incredible–light houses, islands, and even a view of a peninsula supposedly where Bono lives.

Oh yea–and I attended a lot of meetings too. This was a gathering of all of the national campus leaders for Crusade in Western Europe. It was a great group of dedicated people. One evening I got into a discussion about future plans and who we might bring in from around the world to address them. One of the European men quickly brought up a very relevant point toward leadership. It matters who delivers the message. He made the point that Europeans don’t always listen well to outsiders–especially Americans. Now that may sound rather snooty–but his point was more succinct. The issue can be one of credibility, style, or even character. He was not negating my point nor the need for the content I was suggesting–just that who says it matters in how it will be received.

As leaders we should not only consider what needs to be said–but who should say it–that may make the difference in how it is really received.

One response to “It Matters Who Says It

  1. Great point Gary. How do we continue to cultivate leaders? Is it simply empowering them and giving them opportunities? Is it challenging them to simply start leading? Or do we need training opportunities, like a retreat? I’ll bet it’s not one single answer, but how can we be doing it better?

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