A 500 Year Legacy

A 500 Year Legacy

Today marks the 500 year anniversary of the coronation of Henry VIII of England. You remember Henry–became the 2nd Tudor king at the age of 17–died at age 55–had 6 wives in between–two of which he had beheaded at the Tower of London–all in the quest to obtain a male heir for the throne.

CNN International ran a piece on him this morning in light of the coronation anniversary. The focus was on his legacy–in all reality his leadership legacy. Here was a man by all accounts quite educated, sophisticated and astute. He started off well–but now many consider his reign as that of a tyrant. He was a man who saw himself as a divine monarch and therefore could do whatever he pleased. So much so that he disbanded the Catholic Church in England and created the Church of England just so he could divorce his 1st wife–even though he brutally suppressed the Protestant Reformation early on. Power and wealth so went to his head that over his reign he had 17 castles either built or renovated–just for him. He left his mark on England (and pop music–anyone remember Herman’s Hermits?!?). But his mark, while infamous, is tattered at best. It seems to me that he was not unlike Diotrephes who I wrote about recently–a man who liked to put himself 1st! As leaders we must all bend the knee to the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords.

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