A Gathering of Current European Leaders in Spain

I just returned from the Agape Europe Leadership Forum on the Costa Brava of Spain (this is a picture of our conference hotel). AELF is a collection of all the national teams serving Agape Europe (Campus Crusade for Christ in Western Europe). We met for five days and discussed several issues necessary to making progress in extending the gospel of Christ to Europeans in meaningful ways. We talked about fund development, staff development, and leadership development. We spent some great time each day in the book of Ephesians looking at the “fullness of His riches.” My favorite times were actually the many “off conference” conversations with old and new friends to be built up by them in the faith and learn what they are doing to communicate Christ to Europeans. I came home with several things I want to think through and apply in our ministry here in Italy. We also heard some fresh accounts of how God is at work in Western Europe to His glory. And we had some very meaningful times as the Italy national team proocessing all that we were hearing. God is at work in Western Europe–and He has His people strategically placed throughout the continent in faithful and faith filled service for Him. Maybe the greatest thing I took away was hope–in the God of the unvierse and His actions.

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