A Loving Comparison

My daughter just posted a comparison between our golden retriever, Taffy, and my son, Davis, on Facebook. I have to say-its pretty accurate-read and enjoy.

My observations on the family dog and brother…

1. They both beg for food constantly
2. They both yawn noisily
3. They can’t walk in a straight line
4. They can’t be alone for more than 5 minutes without becoming emotionally empty
5. When Taffy is content, she chews on her bone, when davis is content, he hums
6. They are frisky when it is cold outside
7. They both fall asleep quickly
8. They are always hungry
9. They love to be active, but can also be total couch potatoes
10. They love to be the center of attention
11. They are both “touchy-feely”
12. They both aren’t very patient when they know something good is about to happen: going on a walk, playing soccer, etc..
13. They are good gift receivers!
14. and i love them very much!

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