The Assurance of the Word of God

Today I learned that a good friend back in Texas has inoperable brain cancer. He is married and has a family. This couple is a stellar example of one who loves God, lives with great integrity and has their eyes set on the Kingdom. I am kind of emotionally numb right now in light of this news. This kind of news always has a double impact on me-sadness and disbelief for the ones going through it-and a renewed sense of reality about my own frailty.

I found out this news by way of email-an email requesting prayer and believing God for healing. The wife quoted a verse in the Bible that God was using to give her hope and comfort-it was Psalm 27:13. This was bedrock for her-it was the absolute knowledge that there is a God and He is able to do whatever He pleases-and He is good. I was reminded in a fresh way that the Word of God is what provides true perspective-it is alive-it truly does instruct, reprove, correct and train-it changes us. No other book can do what it does. It becomes our compass in the fog and points us to Christ!

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