Leading Direction: Confusion and Peace

I sum up Christ-centered leadership this way-there are three primary responsibilities: one, provide clear direction to your followers; two, provide them with adequate resources to accomplish what you have asked them to do; three, constantly point them to Christ as their source of comfort and power.

The problem sometimes lies in the first responsibility-providing clear direction. Why? Because the direction is not always clear. There is comfort for us found in 1 Corinthians 14:33 that says, “For God is not a God of confusion but of peace.” The context of this passage is the worship atmosphere of the gathered community of believers. Paul speaks to the value of prophesy over tongues in the worship of God and the edification of believers.

But notice what Paul doesn’t say in this verse. He does not say that God is the God of clarity-but rather the God of peace. You would think that confusion would be contrasted with clarity-isn’t that what confusion cries out for? Yet where would perfect clarity take us in our leadership lives and our walk with God? It would probably take us toward self dependence and away from the Lord. Instead, in time of confusion what we really need is peace. The product of confusion is anxiety. Whenever I am confused I become anxious. I think clarity will solve all my problems of confusion-but that is not necessarily true. Peace calms my soul and keeps me trusting the Creator of my soul. If I had perfect clarity about direction all the time-I might not go there-it might look too scary or difficult. But in peace I can move ahead one step at a time-trusting a faithful Savior to fulfill His plans and purposes in my life and for those I lead.

Don’t get me wrong-whenever it is in our ability to do so we should provide our followers with as much directional clarity as possible-even if it is only for today. But the 3rd leadership responsibility trumps the 1st one-by consistently pointing people to Christ for their comfort and power we can lead them to peace even in the midst of directional uncertainty.

Lead your people with as much directional clarity as possible-every day. Point them to the Savior of peace-every day.

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