Becoming a Resonant Leader

I am in the middle of a book that I am really enjoying entitled, Becoming a Resonant Leader by McKee, Boyatzis, and Johnston. If you are leading in any capacity I think you will find this insightful book well worth your time. Be prepared-it is filled with many exercises for your involvement. In many ways this is the power of the book-if you do the exercises it forces you to deeply think through your current leadership effectiveness and aim for something higher.

Just to get your appetite going-here are three leadership myths that the authors mention many leaders live under:
1. Smart is Good Enough
The authors make the case that what really sets good leaders apart is their ability to have strong social and emotional intelligence. Intellectual and technical knowledge are critical-but the ability to manage yourself and connect well with others is even more crucial.

2. Your Mood Does Not Matter
Good leaders are dispensers of hope and emotions are contagious. The people you lead pick up your hope quotient. If you are negative or withdrawn you are robbing your self and those you lead of necessary energy. If you are hopeful and positive-you can do just the opposite.

3. Great Leaders Can Thrive on Constant Pressure
This is the myth that good leaders can always take it and lead well-not true. The authors make a great case that all good leaders need to renew and refresh-on a regular basis. This one especially rang true to me. A reflective and refreshed leader will always lead better-but you have to decide its critical for you to do so.

Pick up the book and give it a read-let me know what you think.

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