Leadership Transition-A Leader’s Parting Words

We are in the midst of a leadership transition within our organization here in Italy. We are blessed in that we are losing great leadership and gaining great leadership. I have watched several and been part of a few leadership transitions in my life. No matter how great the leaders are or how smoothly the transition is handled it is always a season of change. And change creates discontinuity-which can lead to anxiety, doubt and fear. How the current leader passes the baton can certainly help make the difference.

I am reminded of Joshua 24 where we have recorded the final words of Joshua as he passes the torch of leadership. In these verses Joshua clearly does three things in communicating with the people of God.

1. Joshua recounts what God has done to bring them to this point.
In verses 1-13 Joshua reminds the Israelites of the path that Yahweh has had them on-beginning with the choosing of Abraham, through their redemption out of slavery to Egypt and culminating with the entrance and settlement of the promised land. What is critical to note is how Joshua points the people solely to God-not himself as God’s chosen leader. It’s easy as the departing leader to recount your own accomplishments-but doesn’t that just emphasize what people are losing? Leaders change-but God remains. Even though God uniquely uses us as His agents of change let’s be careful to point followers to the real source of growth and change.

2. Joshua charges them to keep covenant and follow hard after God.
In verses 14-18 Joshua strongly charges the people to covenant commitment to Yahweh. He marks this charge with his own renewed commitment and he calls on them for a personal response. Joshua realizes that there is still much to be accomplished and that any hint of idolatry will destroy the work and the benefits up to this point. What will carry these people through is not another really good human leader-but resolute commitment and surrender to the God of the universe who has brought them thus far. As leaders we must not do less-part of our final words must be a clear charge to continue to follow hard after Christ.

3. Joshua warns them of the consequences if they fail to fully follow God.
In verses 19-28 Joshua sounds a clear warning to the people of the consequences for covenant disobedience. He reminds them of their weakness as people and establishes a symbolic witness as to their stated commitment to remain faithful. Sometimes we shy away as leaders from the difficult words. But there is an appropriateness to a final warning even as one leaves-lest any follower was following the leader more than God Himself. We also must call people to true faith in Christ for the future lest they rely on something or someone else.

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