Christ-centered Anything

I just finished reading a blog a few minutes ago that motivated me to make the following post on what it means to be “Christ-centered.”  The blog post that I read belongs to Alise Wright.  She is a thoughtful and honest writer and worth the read.  You can check her out at

Her post was about the topic of Christ-centered marriage.  You can read below my extended comment on her blog-I thought it might be helpful to make it my post for today.

I have been pondering this idea of “Christ centered” for sometime now.  It is common parlance in evangelical circles these days whether it is tied to marriage, ministry, an individual walk-or any other aspect of the Christian life.  And I think at its essence it is true and critical-but like several other comments, I agree that it has lost meaning.  Alise, you did a great job of raising the issues-but where I am in my learning right now is that I am seeing “Christ centered” anything is not about a certain set of practices and shared beliefs.  I am studying the book of Revelation at the moment, and I am seeing more clearly than ever that only one thing brings Christ to the center-and that is worship.  Worship rightly and essentially places Christ at the center, period.  I don’t mean simply corporate worship, although that is a right and periodically necessary practise-but personal worship.  I don’t mean simply personal quiet time or devotion.  Worship is not just singing or recitation.  Worship is an attitude-a position of the heart and soul-a certain fixed gaze at an object worthy.  Worship by definition means “to kiss the hand of.”  It is the language of royalty-it implies personal surrender and rightful homage.  It is the language of a subject to a king-in this case the king of kings and the most benevolent ruler ever.  Worship by nature implies there is only one object of devotion-therefore all worship is centering.  Whatever you worship will center you around that object of devotion.  Therefore in marriage you do not worship marriage, nor do you worship yourself or the other person-it is two people worshipping Christ-who then rightly centers the marriage around Himself.  But as another commenter said-we are individuals and marriage is a relationship of two individuals-so if one person chooses not to worship Christ the king-it is challenging to have a Christ centered marriage.  Of course to even pursue Christ in this way we must fall on the grace of the gospel.  It is not in us to rightfully or perfectly worship day in and day out.  Read the first five chapters of Revelation and see where it takes you on this topic-look for the centering nature of worship.  My wife and I just celebrated our 20th anniversary and we are far from perfect-but I do see a growing vibrancy and centeredness that flows from worshipping Christ.   Sorry for the long comment-your post motivated me-thanks for sharing!

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