5 for Leadership

Here are the posts I have chosen for this installment of “5 for Leadership.”  I want to continue to offer you practical leadership thinking and expose you to a variety of blogs.

5 Truths to Remember When Your Leader Falls  Michael Hyatt has become a favorite source for me.  He publishes daily and offers very practical insight to life and leadership.  He also offers a number of helpful resources on his web site.  This post is very good in light of the current state of our culture-and how we should respond.

7 Traits of an Insecure Leader  I have highlighted Ron Edmondson before.  This post was on Ron’s blog yesterday and offers a good profile of a leader who is not grounded.  Do a personal character check on your leadership as you look at Ron’s list.

7 Ways God May Bust Up Your Paradigm This is from Michael Warden.  Michael is a leadership coach and author.  He is new to me-but I really enjoyed this post.  It made me rethink leadership “success” from God’s perspective.   See what you think.

Billy Graham and the Modesto Manifesto This comes from Tommy Kiedis who is the senior pastor at Spanish River Church in Boca Raton, Florida.  It is a great reminder of where true greatness comes from in the life of a leader.  This is a little piece of history that was unfamiliar to me-Graham’s life bears out the importance of this commitment.

Rachel Held Evans  I have included Rachel’s blog because Rachel makes me think.  And all leaders need to be provoked to think outside their own perspective.  Rachel is a leader-she has influence through her writing.  She offers a unique perspective on many topics that need to be considered.  I don’t always agree with Rachel, but I am always challenged by Rachel.  Take a look and see how her insights stir you to lead better.

There you have it for this week-I hope you have a blessed weekend!

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