5 for Leadership

Here are the links for this week for “5 for Leadership.”

We Blame The 1%, But Still Call Them Our Leaders  This is a guest post on Leading Blog by Dave Ursillo.  It provides an interesting perspective on the real definition of leadership.  He argues for the influence that all people have, even without titles.

What The Colts Can Teach Us About Team Building  This is a post in the HBR by Ndubuisi Ekekwe.  He takes look at sports and how some teams have built their success around one star personality.  He argues that in the organizational world we have to invest in a team approach and develop the talent around us.

Do You Have Moral Overconfidence?  This is a great read also found on Leading Blog.  It makes the case for “good leadership is humble leadership.”  It also argues for the notion that leadership character is a lifelong development process.    Give it a read and see what you think.

An Interview With Pete Hise  This is a post on The Leadership Blog in an interview format.  Pete Hise is the senior pastor at Quest Community Church in Lexington, Kentucky.  I thought I would point you to a leader interview because it is good to hear leaders in their own words.  I appreciate Pete’s humility and focus on Christ.

Seth Godin: Leaders Should Write Their Thoughts Each Day This is a video interview between Dan Cathy of Chic-fil-a and Seth Godin.  It is worth the 4:12 minute listen.

I hope you enjoy this week’s “5 for Leadership.”

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