5 for Leadership

Here are this week’s “5 for Leadership.”  I am highlighting some blogs I often feed from in my own life (like Michael Hyatt and Ron Emondson) and providing a couple that are new discoveries for me.  I have also included one video interview to keep things interesting.  See what you think of this “fivesome” and give me some feedback.

The One Essential Habit of Every Effective Leader on Michael Hyatt’s blog.  This is a guest post by Jeff Goins.  Jeff makes the strong case for leadership necessitating action.  He argues for effective decision making.  I believe that he is on to a critical component that is often lacking in our leadership today.  Take a look.

7 Things Which Help Me Focus by Ron Edmondson.  This is a very practical post by Ron as he shares key elements for getting things done.  Take some time to read the comments section too for more insight.

Principles of Christian Leadership  This post is from an Australian blog by Dave Quinn.  Dave highlights five principles that he believes are essential to any good Christian leadership.  Peruse other parts of Dave’s web site to find some valuable resources.

How Can Christian Leaders Get Started With Social Media?  This is about a 10 minute interview on video between Scott Brown and Michael Hyatt (yes, I am highlighting Michael twice this week).  This is a really helpful and practical piece as Michael answers  questions from Scott about social media and our need as leaders to be involved.  This is worth the watch.

10 Leadership Styles in 2011 You Need to Know  This comes from Brian Dodd in Atlanta.  Brian is great about providing practical lists on leadership topics.  This particular list provides a mirror to discern what type of leadership you are exhibiting-good and/or bad.

There you have it for this week-lead well!

One response to “5 for Leadership

  1. Gary,

    Thanks for the mention. I’m glad you enjoy my site and I’m humbled to be on this list. I’m promoting your site in my end of the month recap tonight. I hope you get a lot of traffic from it.

    Keep up the great work!


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