Witness-Does it Matter

Recently, I have been studying the book of Revelation in the Bible.  It has been incredibly rewarding and challenging to my personal faith.  Along the way I have been using Eugene Peterson’s book, Reversed Thunder, as a devotional commentary.  Peterson has added much through his thoughts on this critical biblical letter.  Today I reflected on Revelation 10 and 11.  Peterson  made this observation that I thought was worthy.  Here it is:

Out of the silence of heaven in which the prayers of the Christians are heard, God prepares to speak.  He speaks.  His speaking is, in some mysterious but unthinkable way, connected with the prayers.  The history-making, kerygmatic speech of God is trumpeted  by the angels.  Terrific consequences follow.  But there is another, more modest speech that is also important.  The words we speak to God (the incense-prayers) are powerful; we are assured of that.  The words God speaks to humankind (the trumpet-preching) are awesome; we are convinced of that.  But how about the words we speak that report on our God-directd speech, and God’s earth-targeted gospel?  In comparison with such praying and such preaching, can it mean much that I stutter out God’s word in my daily conversational encounters among people who would rather hear almost anything else?  That is the hesitancy addressed in Revelation 10 and 11, and the answer is emphatic:  by all means, yes!

Go and read Revelation 10 and 11 for yourself.  Then re-read Peterson’s exhortation-and be encouraged.

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