5 for Leadership

Here is the latest 5 for Leadership offering.  A couple of these are resources that will lead you to more resources.  There is one interview and also one historical piece.  I hope you will be inspired by something listed below-lead well!

20 Leadership Books You Might Not Have Read-This is a must read.  Mike Myatt highlights some great books to inform your leadership.  I have posted some similar lists on my blog-but Mike makes some worthy additions.  Take a look and follow through.

The Leadership Blog Interview: Tim Elmore-This is an interview with Tim Elmore, the founder and president of Growing Leaders, a non-profit organization created to help develop emerging leaders.  This is good interview that brings out some great leadership principles.  And it allows you to get to know Tim better.  There is also a good book list within the interview.

How to Instill Purpose-This comes from John Baldoni and is quite insightful about organizational purpose.  John has done some extensive research on this topic.  Here he summarizes some of his findings with four critical points for organizational success related to purpose.

Greatness Cannot Be Locked Up-This comes from John Maxwell, renowned leadership thinker and author.  Maxwell reflects on a trip to South Africa and the life of Nelson Mandela.  This is a good read on a historical leader and some principles we can apply to our leadership lives.

6 Podcasts to Inspire and Shape Christian Leadership-I found this on the CBN website.  This post shares both some Christian resources and some secular ones.  But I was impressed with the list and wanted to offer them to you.  Click some of the links and see what you think.  I especially like the Harvard Business Review podcasts.

There you have it for this week-I hope you enjoy and benefit from this week’s offerings.

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