5 for Leadership

Here is a new lineup of “5 for Leadership.”  These are five blog posts that I have found helpful and interesting on the topic of leadership this week.  See what you think.

Video: The Marshmallow Challenge  This one comes from Ken Cochrum and his blog On Leading Well.  Ken provides a good set up regarding a rapid learning approach versus a strategic planning the way we have always done it.  The video is well worth the watch and this is a blog you should regularly follow.

Churchill for Pastors: Five Leadership Lessons  I found this on the Gospel Coalition Blog written by Collin Hansen.  He offers some great insight on Churchill and five historical points worth considering for your own leadership.

When Leadership is Form Over Substance  This is another good offering by Mike Myatt.  Mike sets up his post with this line, “In today’s post I’ll share some thoughts about how to spot leaders who shouldn’t be…”  Take a look and offer Mike some feedback.

Insulate Yourself . . .  If you have not already seen this, it is a quick read from Seth Godin.  There are 13 quick witticisms that are very practical in helping you lead more effectively-some may surprise you.

Unbroken: A World War II Story of Survival, Resilience, and Redemption  I am highlighting a post and a book in this last one.  I am currently reading this book and can’t put it down.  So take a look at Carolyn McCulley’s post about this book and take a look at other posts on her blog.  The book has some great leadership lessons and Carolyn’s blog has some great insight on a number of topics.

There are the “5” for this week.  Enjoy.

One response to “5 for Leadership

  1. Great post, Gary. Thanks for the shoutout and for winnowing down the mass of leadership blogs to a few digestible posts.

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