5 for Leadership

Here is the Christmas week 5 for Leadership.  I am going “Country” on you this week-all of these bloggers reside in the Nashville area.

A Leader Must Know When to Ask for Help-This is thoughtful post by a branding expert named Maurilio Amorim.  He provides 10 tangible benefits of wise counsel.  This is a post to protect you from yourself-because none of us are wise enough on our own to lead well.

Interview With Matt Hasselbeck-This comes from Pete Wilson’s blog and is a video interview with the Titan’s quarterback.  Pete is a one of the pastors of Cross Point Church in Nashville (actually, there are five different campuses for the church).  The quarterback of any football team has to be a leader.  Every play begins with him.  This is a great 35 minute interview with Matt including several applicable leadership principles embedded in the conversation.  Also, check out Pete’s other posts–they are worthy.

How to Create The Kind of Team Unity That Drives Results-This is another gem from Michael Hyatt.  Leading teams requires both the science and art of leading.  In this practical post Michael talks about three kinds of team unity and five steps toward team alignment.  This is a great primer for heading into 2012 with better designs for your team.

Help Them Believe-This one comes from Jenni Cartron who is the Executive Director of Cross Point Church in Nashville.  This is brief post that begins with this opening phrase: “Leaders, it’s your job to help people believe…”  Read and see what you think.  Check out some of Jenni’s other posts while you are there.

My Advice For Young Leaders-Soles4Souls has become one of the fastest growing non-profits in the country.  Wayne Elsey is the CEO-take a look at his “About” section of his blog after you read this post.  In this post there are four good pieces of advice for any young leader.  For that matter, any leader would benefit from Wayne’s practical points.  Take a look.

There you have it for this week-5 from Nashville.  I hope that you enjoy these and that you have a very Merry and Blessed Christmas!

2 responses to “5 for Leadership

  1. Thanks for the mention! Merry Christmas!

  2. Thanks Jenni-I really enjoyed your blog-epecially seeing some of your thoughts on your mission trips. Merry Christmas to you too!

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