LQW: How important is regular “think time” for a leader?

Here is the 2nd installment of the LQW (Leadership Question of the Week).  I recently spent three days on a personal retreat just to rest and recalibrate my leadership life.  I find I need weekly think time and periodic retreats to recharge.  What do you think?  How important is this leadership discipline and how do you approach it?  Please comment and add to the learning.

One response to “LQW: How important is regular “think time” for a leader?

  1. From Pete Kelly:

    I think taking time to think is huge – and I think my personal need for time set aside to think and plan has increased over the years. The challenge for me is getting my mind to engage and go to the deep places I need it to go during the times I have set aside. Sometimes my mind does its best thinking during unscheduled time (the epiphany in the shower or the new insight on the way home from work). Or sometimes my mind starts productively engaging on a leadership issue when I need to engage with my family. Have you found any tricks to helping your mind really engage within the times you’ve scheduled to think?

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