5 for Leadership

After a brief hiatus due to travel-here are a fresh five.

Why Vision Is More Important Than Strategy-This is another gem from Michael Hyatt.  Michael reflects on his time of taking over the top spot in Thomas Nelson Publishing.  Through his own journey you will see some very practical ways to gain vision and the importance of keeping that vision in front of those you lead.

7 Ways To Lead With A  Limp-Ron Edmondson offers up seven principles for leaders who feel like less than a leader today.  As leaders we all fail and make mistakes-how do you allow those moments to refine you and help you lead?  See what Ron has to say.

The Current State of Leadership-Research Findings-This is a post back from August of this past year.  It comes from The Practice of Leadership blog.  It is a fascinating glimpse into a major research study that was done this past year on effective leadership.  You will definitely be interested in some of the findings.

Caring For The Commons-This is a guest post on the Great Leadership blog.  This post takes a look at the moral decisions that all leaders make on a daily basis-those types of decisions that actually impact the well being of those you lead.  Kiel and Lennick talk about “moral intelligence” as vastly more important than cognitive intelligence.  Take a look.

Lonely Leadership-This post comes from a women’s leadership blog called Gifted for Leadership.  This is a Christian blog and Esther Feng writes this post on the need for true community and what it takes to get there.  This is worth reading no matter your gender-because we can all end up in isolation and experiencing lonely leadership.

There are the 5 for this week.  Lead well!

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