5 for Leadership

Here are a fresh five:

What Is The Conversation You Need To Have?  This is a post from Mary Jo Asmus on her blog Leadership Solutions.  The foundation of her post is that relationships matter and therefore difficult conversations are essential.  Mary Jo offers three constructive steps to being intentional about those uncomfortable conversations.

Wondering ‘Am I A Good Leader?’  Take The Sheryl Sandberg Test  Sheryl Sandberg is the COO of Facebook.  Scott Eblin writes this post and offers three simple questions based on his studied profile of Sandberg and what makes her a good leader.  Read and see how you stack up.  Be sure to read about how Sandberg has modeled the answers to these same three questions.

Entitlement: The Gimme Generation  This comes from David Murray on his blog Head, Heart, Hand.  This is a fascinating post (both a podcast and a written piece) about the current generation of college students and their sense of entitlement and the implications.  This is a must read for anyone working with Mosaics.

Dangers Leaders Face  This is a very insightful post from Dave Kraft on the Resurgence blog.  Dave offers up two very practical issues that can hit leaders squarely between the eyes and put their leadership in danger.  This is worth your time and contemplation.

The Difference Between Capacity and Calling  This final offering is a five minute video of Pastor Wayne Cordeiro in conversation with Mark Driscoll and James MacDonald over the issue of spiritual leaders and burnout.  There are some helpful insights here about living out and fulfilling what God has truly called us to do.

There are the five for this week-lead well!

2 responses to “5 for Leadership

  1. Hi Gary, Thanks so much for the mention – it was a nice surprise! Mary Jo

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