5 for Leadership

Here are a fresh five for the first week in March.

Patrick Henry on Servant Leadership  I found this post through a Linkedin group on leadership.  It comes from a man named Monty Rainey.  I like Monty’s emphasis on a virtuous life as a foundation for servant leadership.  Take a look and see what you think.

note to self via the Puritans  This is for your soul.  Sometimes as leaders we do not stop long enough to reflect and think more deeply about what well we are leading from.  This short post is from my friend Andrea Buczynski who also serves with Cru.  Andrea references one of my favorite books in this post, The Valley of Vision.  She also includes a video to a worship song from her church in Orlando.  Slow down and take some time to read this post and listen to the song-and reflect on the words.

What If A Leader Refuses To Be Held Accountable?  I had the privilege of spending some time at the Verge 12 Conference this week in Austin.  We heard from some incredible people who are on the cutting edge of church leadership.  Two of them were Mike Breen and Jo Saxton.  This post is from Mike’s blog-but is actually a short video of Jo sharing some insight on the answer to this very important question. Enjoy her British accent!

What Is Church?  I will throw another one at you from a speaker at Verge 12.  This comes from Neil Cole’s blog called Cole-Slaw.  I actually think this is the question of our day. I can’t remember a time when the concept of “church” has been more open for debate.  Neil will stir you up-and I think that is good.  Beliefs need to be challenged and reassessed from time to time.

12 Great Leadership Questions  The final one is from Ron Edmondson, whom I have highlighted before.  This is a quick, but really practical read.  Ron offers up 12 questions that are great for any team leader at any level.

There are the five for this week.  Thanks for taking a look and add your comments.

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