5 for Leadership

Here is “5 for Leadership” for the 2nd week in March.

Does Your Leadership Style Need To Change When Leading Internationally?  This post is from Andy Phillips on the A Slice of Leadership blog.  Andy suggest six questions you should ask whenever you are leading cross culturally.  He has great experience in this arena and this is a very helpful read on what must be considered to lead well in another country.

First Look: Leadership Books for March 2012  Here is a very quick read on five leadership books that are being released this month.  There is good variety here and there might be a gem among them.  It is always good to stay abreast of what reading material is fresh from publication.

Eisenhower, Kennedy, and The Power of Vision  Like the last post, this one is found on the Leading Blog web site.  It comes from James Strock and is quite interesting as a contrast between two effective styles.  Take a look and see what you think.

A Declaration of Extreme Leadership  This is a unique post.  It comes from Steve Farber and is in the form of a petition.  You can actually read the declaration and sign it-declaring yourself to be an extreme leader.  Here is a tangible commitment to lead.

Women: Leadership Lessons from Rosa Parks  This last post comes from Debbe Kennedy on the blog Women in the Lead.  Debbe provides a good, concise post that sums up the contribution of Rosa Parks in forging a new path that had huge social implications.  Debbe highlights three key principles for you and I to doing the same.

There are the “Five for Leadership” for this week.  Have a great weekend!

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