Leadership Development for Young Professionals

I ran across an article online today that I thought would be good fodder for further thought.  This comes from Bob Wheeler at Formula4Leadership.com.  Bob highlights two cultural factors in organizational leadership:  structures are clearly getting flatter; and young professionals are gravitating toward smaller firms-or at least into smaller units within larger firms.  When you combine this with some of the uniquenesses of the Millennial generation, there is an interesting dynamic at work.  Often, younger leaders have to quickly take on team leader roles.  Many times they have to lead people that are older than themselves.  There can be some unique pressures and some unique training needs.

Here are Bob’s suggestions of critical leadership development areas for today’s young professionals.  I would love to get some feedback on this-leave a comment below.

  • Teamwork
  • Assertiveness
  • Communication skills (including receiving feedback)
  • Leadership styles
  • A basic understanding of organizational culture and procedures

Here is a link to Bob’s blog.

7 responses to “Leadership Development for Young Professionals

  1. This is a very important topic. Developing young professionals, both in their chosen field, as well as their leadership fundamentals is vital for the their future, the future of the organization, and the future of corporate America. The first five years of one’s career are the most formidable and formative. We have to nurture and care for their fundamental knowledge. Very good post.

  2. Thanks Dale for your comment-I can clearly see your commitment to developing leaders-and I think your 5 year time frame is right. Keep up the good work!

  3. Dan Black on Leadership

    People development is so important for leaders to do. I recently wrote a post about Having a Plan to Develop Your People herehttp://danblackonleadership.info/2012/03/having-a-plan-to-develop-your-people/

    I’m heading over to read Bob’s post.

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  6. Leadership for young professionals is something I’m very passionate about. Thanks for the post. Additionally, I like how you are providing many resources to your readers. Something I need to become better at.

    I look forward to reading more from you!

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