Our Hearts & Our Love For The Things of The World

I recently bought a little book entitled Stop Loving The World.  It is by William Greenhill and is in the Puritan Treasuries For Today series by Reformation Heritage Books.  The Puritans often take a beating in our current culture-but the Puritans were astute thinkers and understood well what it meant to cultivate a true love for God.  I want to highlight a few critical points on “Examining Our Hearts.”  Let this be a part of your preparation for Easter.

1 John 2:15 states, “Love not the world, neither the things that are in the world.”  Consider these questions:

1. Am I more concerned about the things in the world than I am for heaven and spiritual things?

2. Does the world push aside and cut out the things that are of God? Do the things of the world jostle the wall of the things of God?

3. Am I content with a little when it comes to matters of the soul?

4. In what then do I find most sweetness and contentment?

5. Do I use questionable or unlawful means to get to the world? Do I neglect lawful and unquestionable means that would get me heaven and spiritual things?

6. Do I love ideas, learning, wisdom of words, talents, gifts, and things of this nature?

7. Am I more grieved over the loss of outward, worldly things than I am for the loss of spiritual things?

Greenhill ends with this thought: “Honestly answering these several questions should help you know whether you love the world or not.  And if you find that your heart is set on this world, you are worthy of great blame.”

2 responses to “Our Hearts & Our Love For The Things of The World

  1. markallenmayers

    Thanks, Dr. Runn!
    Love reading your posts!

  2. Thanks Mark-trust you are doing well. I enjoyed some great pics of the fam on FB over the weekend.

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