5 for Leadership

Time for a fresh “5 for Leadership.”  I have added some new contributors for this 2nd week in April.  I hope you enjoy these posts and benefit from their wisdom!

Developing Your Soul for Leadership  Here is a great post from Tim Milburn.  Tim serves as the Director of Campus Life at Northwest Nazarene University in Idaho.  In this post he offers up seven principles for lifelong leadership.  Check out the “Resource” tab on his blog too.

A “To Be” List for Aspiring Leaders  This post comes from Angela Maiers who is an educator, researcher, writer, and entrepreneur.  She highlights nine “be attitudes” for a successful and effective leader.

The DNA of a Servant Leader  This post is actually part of a book written by Bill Flint.  Bill is located in Indiana and has over 38 years of entrepreneurial business experience.  This is a little bit of a lengthy read-but worth it.  Bill provides 10 markers on the DNA of a servant leader.  Bill’s heart for God comes out clearly too as you digest his life learned principles.

Why We Pick Bad Leaders  This is a quick read from Tim Sackett.  Tim argues that we often promote people based on something other than their character.  If we elevate competencies over character we pay the price.  Tim offers seven inward traits for what should be the foundation for choosing good leaders.

A Leader’s Most Dangerous Thought  This final post is from the Leading Blog.  It too is a quick read-but very thought provoking.  It looks at the posture of our leadership and calls into question the very reason for why we lead.  Take a look-and be challenged.

There are the 5 for this week.  Lead well!

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