5 for Leadership

I have a fresh 5 for you on this last day in April!

6 Things I Have Learned About Failure    This comes from Steve Morgan.  Steve is a friend of mine who serves with Cru in Mexico in leading leaders.  He has some great insights and offers up some great principles in this post.  Take a look!

Now Is The Time For Gen Y Leaders  This post is from Scott Eblin who is an executive coach, speaker and author.  Scott downplays some of the negativity surrounding Millennial leaders and makes a good case for why we need them.

6 Secrets of Inspirational Leadership  I have been reading Dan Rockwell for some time.  Dan is creative, succinct and very practical.  His insights on leadership have helped me and spurred a lot of good thinking.  Be sure to check out some of his other posts while on his site.

Lessons in Leadership:  How Lincoln Became America’s Greatest President  This post comes from Hitendra Wadhwa,who is a professor at Columbia Business School.  Wadhwa highlights how President Lincoln mastered self discipline into character growth to become a great leader.  This is a really interesting read!

Seven Reasons Leaders Fail  This final post comes from Thom Ranier and I found it on churchleaders.com.  Thom does some research on leadership failure in history and discovers some common characteristics.  All of us who lead need to learn from these lessons.  This is an opportunity to look into the mirror.

There are the five for this week.  I hope you will be nurtured, warned, blessed, and informed.  Lead well!

2 responses to “5 for Leadership

  1. Thanks Gary for adding me to the 5 for Leadership this week. I am also enjoying learning from you. I adapted your idea for my Leader Impact-5. Also liked your post about Top Posts for the Month. That also inspired another idea for me! Thanks.

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