5 for Leadership

Here are a new 5 for the 2nd week in May.  I have included a couple of new people and some favorites.  I hope you benefit from these posts.

New Study IDs Best Companies for Leadership. Innovation    This is a fascinating article highlighting the 20 best companies for leadership development.  It is done initially in an interview format-but does a great job of capturing some key principles practiced by the best companies in the world.

Taking Initiative  This is from Ron Edmondson’s blog, who just recently announced that he will be moving to a new church in Lexington, Kentucky.  Ron always has great leadership insights.  This particular post is a guest post by Joey Berrios.  He examines the battle with fear and doubt that all leaders can face-and argues for initiative.

How Do You Answer These Leadership Questions?  This is a very brief post by Eric Jacobson.  He actually pulls seven questions from Charlene Li’s book Open Leadership.  But these seven questions are quite good at helping you evaluate your current leadership trajectory.

What You Must Surrender To Lead Best  This is from Kevin Eikenberry and his Leadership & Learning blog.  I have been reading Kevin for some time now-but this is the 1st time I have featured him in 5 for Leadership.  This is a good post on what you must give up in order to gain what you really want.

Jesus Is What The Old Testament Promised Him To Be  I end with a post that, in one sense, has nothing to do with the topic of leadership.  But in another sense is about the greatest leader who ever lived.  This is from Kevin DeYoung-but is actually a reference to a sermon that his associate pastor, Ben Falconer, preached earlier in the month.  This is a great list of all that Jesus is from the Old Testament.  Be sure and take a look-and be encouraged.

There are the 5 for this week.  Lead well!

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