5 for Leadership

Here is a fresh 5 for Leadership. I hope you will be informed, inspired, encouraged and refreshed.

The One Leadership Secret That Will Never Involve A Mobile Device (or Any Computer)  This post comes from Terry Starbucker.  Terry highlights the power of personal conversation in the midst of a very virtual world.  Terry always shares very practical advice from his own leadership experience.

Why Leaders Should Celebrate Mothers Day  Here is another post from Kevin Eikenberry.  I highlighted Kevin last week-and this one is worthy too.  As we look back at Mothers Day, Kevin lists some leadership principles he has learned from both his mother and his wife.  Take a look.

How To Overcome One of The Biggest Frustrations In Leadership  I found this post on ChurchLeaders.com by Shane Duffey.  This is a timely article on leading up.  Shane talks about the culture of Newspring Church and what a healthy environment looks like for leaders to develop and have a voice.

African Christianity: A Gift for the Western Church  This is a very interesting article conducted in an interview format with Mark Gornick.  Mark spent 10 years in New York City studying African congregations and has landed on some important lessons for the church.  This gives some insight into an aspect of Christianity we often overlook.

Your Ministry Is Not Your Identity  This final post is by Paul Tripp on the Gospel Coalition web site.  Paul powerfully highlights how easy it is to make ministry our identity and what we must do about it.  This is a necessary read for anyone in ministry.

There are the 5 for this week.  Lead well!

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