5 for Leadership

Here is a fresh 5 for this next to last week in May.  Have a great Memorial Day weekend!

The Futurity of Present Events-What’s Next for American Churches?  This comes from Leadership Network, an organization I highly respect.  This post includes a short video that updates the progress of LN over this past year.  It also includes three prominent trends that Dave Travis sees for the future of American churches.

3 Suggestions For Leadership Transition  This is another gem from Ron Edmondson.  Ron is in the midst of a leadership transition as he has taken a new church in Kentucky.  Ron’s principles can be applied anywhere leadership transition is taking place.  Leadership transitions are always a fragile time in the life of an organization.  These principles are foundational to getting you through it.

Talent Management Infographic  This comes from Talent Technoligies and is a diagram that illustrates how organizations do at hiring and keeping good talent.  What stood out to me was the need for getting the right people, developing the right people and engaging those people in core activities within the organization.  Take a look.

The 4 Disciplines of Execution: A Book Review  This a good book review by Bob Morris on the latest from the Franklin Covey Group.  I am just now being exposed to this book within my national team arena.   Execution has been highlighted as THE critical component that often goes missing in practical leadership.  This review will give you a good overview of the book-I also suggest you buy it for yourself and your team.

10 Things Brits Do That Drive Americans Nuts  I received a link from a British friend of mine today that I had to pass along to you.  In light of the upcoming holiday weekend, you need a break from leading-read this and enjoy-especially if you have ever been to the UK or have some UK friends.

There you have it-5 posts that I hope will encourage and stimulate your leadership!

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