The Music of the Gospel & Leadership

I am a runner, or at least I try to be one.  I enjoy running most of the time and I really enjoy how I feel once I am finished.  I have run many races and actually enjoy the training aspects of preparing for a race.  Yesterday I was on a 5 mile run and I was using my iPod.  That is actually unusual for me.  Typically I run without music because I like to take in the sights and sounds around me.  But this was a routine run and a course I knew well.  I also was not very motivated.  So I took along my Nano and cranked (southern for “I turned it on”) up some tunes.  I noticed an immediate increase to my pace and disposition.  The music was a mix of Christian and secular music-some fast paced-some of the slower variety.  But it helped me in concentrating on something other than any pain I was feeling or how far I still had to go.  My cadence freshened and my countenance was lifted.  It became quite an enjoyable run.  It became a purposeful run as I was reminded why I run.

The gospel is like that too.  There are several places in Scripture where our relationship with Christ is compared to a walk or a race.  I think it is an appropriate analogy.  We live and lead in the Christian life one step at a time.  Sometimes the pace is different but it is always a long distance affair.  No doubt some days can feel like drudgery.  What makes the difference is the music we listen to-the music of the gospel.  The gospel is the good news of Christ’s redemption for the Christian too.  The gospel uncovers our idols and offers us mercy, grace and power.  The gospel gives us identity and leads us to integrity.  The gospel points us to Christ, our Creator and Redeemer.  We live and lead for Him.  I continue to need the life changing, redemptive nature of the gospel as I live and give leadership.

I have linked you to an article written by a good friend of mine that is centered on this topic.  Read it!  It will make a difference today in how you live and lead.

2 responses to “The Music of the Gospel & Leadership

  1. I really like to run with music… I love the analogy to the Christian life! Thanks for the encouragement!

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