5 for Leadership

This is your fresh 5 for the last week in May.

Leadership’s Greatest Value  Here is another post from the Leadership Freak, Dan Rockwell.  Dan talks about the tendency for problems and problem solving to take leaders away from striving towards the future.  He provides 10 great future oriented questions to help you get refocused.

5 Reasons Why Emotional Intelligence is Critical for Leaders  Sara Fletcher writes this post for the Lead Change Group blog.  There has been much talk about emotional intelligence towards leadership.  Sara hones down the thinking to five aspects that will allow the emotionally intelligent leader to stand apart.

Here Is Your Leadership Litmus Test  This is from Lisa Haneburg and she makes the case for intentionality in the realm of leadership.  No doubt, execution according to your stated purposes is critical.  Lisa offers some solid insights on this necessary topic.

Don’t Neglect These Three Core Leadership Skills  Here is a really simple, yet profound post found on ChurchLeaders.com.  Alan Danielson, a pastor in Norman Oklahoma, argues for the irreducible complexity of leadership.  I like his focus.  Take a look.

5 Dangerous Leadership Assumptions  I will end with one more from ChurchLeaders.com.  This comes from Mac Lake who is the pastor of leadership development at Seacoast Church in California.  Mac highlights five assumptions that every leader must challenge continuously.  I really like his insights-it points to something I believe is core-that the first job of every leader is to raise up more leaders.

Have a great weekend and lead well.

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