5 for Leadership

After a week of vacation, here is a fresh 5.

12 Bible Verses for Leaders  Ron Edmondson provides twelve verses from Scripture that are foundational for biblical leadership.  These are certainly worthy of consideration.  Also check out Ron’s current five part video series on his blog as he interviews Dr. John Laida, who was Ron’s pastor growing up.

3 Leadership Lessons From Queen Elizabeth II  Scott Eblin writes a nice piece on the “footprint” of a leader and uses the recent Diamond Jubilee celebrations in the UK as an example that how one leads really matters.

The Top 10 Reasons People Have Lost “The Art of Vacation”  This seemed timely.  My family and I just returned from 9 days of vacation and enjoyed every bit of it-yet I did notice it was truly hard to unplug.  This post is from Chris Brady which highlights aspects of his upcoming book, A Month of Italy.  This is a very good list and worth pondering.  As leaders there has to be down time.  Take a look.

How Do I Lead A Team?  This post comes from the Talent Technologies web site and highlights five useful expectations of team members from their leaders.  These principles are foundational to a good team experience.

All Hail The Generalist  This is a great piece out of the Harvard Business Review blog and makes a great case for why the era of the generalist may be returning.  Vikram Mansharanami writes that the need for generalists who can see the interconnectedness of many things may be the leader of the future.

There are the 5 for this second week in June.  Lead well!

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