5 For Leadership

Here is “5 For Leadership” for the 3rd week in July.  There are some great posts this week.  Don’t miss some of these authors.

Women Don’t Take Risks Like Men  This is a great read from the Leadership Freak that counters the notion that male leaders are riskier than female leaders.  Dan sites Alyse Nelson’s work to demonstrate that women simply do risk differently-not less.

Real Leaders Learn To Give  This is a guest post on the Leadership Solutions blog by W. Mark Valentine, who is a colonel in the Air Force.  Mark talks about the necessity of getting the right verbs attached to the function of leadership.  This too is a great read and might cause you to make a paradigm shift.

10 Real Reasons Pastors Quit Too Soon  This post is by Tim Peters on the Churchleaders.com blog.  Tim highlights that over 1700 pastors leave the ministry EACH MONTH.  That number should get your attention.  He lists some very telling reasons that impact that number.  Every person in ministry should read this.

Pastor: Do You Know The 7 Characteristics Of Advancing Leaders?  I also found this on the Churchleaders.com blog by way of Thom Ranier.  This list was compiled over different generations of leaders in Thom’s research and provides a good grid for what to look for.

Kindling Words From God’s Daughters  This is a very good post from my friend Judy Douglass.  She highlights five women as leaders of the Christian faith who made their mark for the cause of Christ.  Judy lets these leaders speak in their own words-be inspired!

There are the five for this week.  Lead well!

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