5 for Leadership

Here are 5 new posts on the topic of leadership for the 21st of July.  I hope they stimulate you towards new learning and application.

Top 10 Marks of Lousy Leaders This comes from the Leadership Freak.  I point you to Dan Rockwell pretty often.  His posts are short and practical.  In this one he contrasts ten wrong attitudes with seven good ones.  See how you stack up.

What’s Your ‘Leader-Print’   I found this on the Lead Change Group blog and is by  Julie Winkle Giulioni.  She argues for the idea that every leader has their own unique expression of leadership-hence a “leader-print.”  Julie uses her own leadership history as an illustration of what she means by this concept-and argues for active leader learning along the way.

Three Things Putting a Golf Ball Taught Me About Decision Making  This post is by Tim Milburn.  I have highlighted Tim before because of his solid insights on various aspects of leadership.  In this post Tim makes a very good analogy between golf and decision making (I have been blogging about this very topic this week).  As a (below average) golfer myself-these principles ring true and are memorable.  Take a look-even if you don’t play golf.

13 Simple Ways to Increase Your Leadership  This post is by Scott Williams.  I follow Scott on twitter also and enjoy his brand of leadership thinking.  Scott offers up 13 very practical ways you can engage in self development-whcih is critical to the longevity of any leadership life.

How Can Christian Leaders Get Started With Social Media?  Here is a good 10 minute video piece by Michael Hyatt.  I find that many Christian leaders are still resistant to engaging in social media world.  Watch Michael being interviewed about the importance of this means of communication.  He is certainly one of the best when it comes to utilizing social media.

There are my five offerings for this week.  Learn and lead well!

4 responses to “5 for Leadership

  1. Thank you for including me in your offerings this week Gary!

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