5 for Leadership (7/27/12)

Here is this weeks edition of 5 for Leadership.  I hope that these posts inspire, educate, and provide you with some helpful principles toward your leadership life.

Letter To A Young Leader  This is a really insightful post from Mary Jo Asmus.  She offers five great pieces of advice for any leader-but especially those who are emerging and young.

If It’s Important, Be There  This post comes from the Leading Blog and highlights a central tenet of a book by Catlett and Hadden.  It lifts up the value of training beyond skills and the need for every leader to participate fully in the development process.  It is a brief post, but will stimulate your thinking about leadership engagement.

Set Boundaries On The Sacrifices You’ll Make For Work  This is by Bill Barnett in the Harvard Business Review blog.  Bill offers four practical principles to help you avoid burnout and bailout in your leadership life.  This is a must read for every harried leader-which probably means most of us.

Trust:1-2-1 Leadership This is a post from the Leadership Reflections blog.  The author reasons that it is detrimental to judge people on initial impressions.  Rather, he argues, we must move towards a trust and development approach to see people reach their full potential in Christ.  He uses Moses and Joshua as a biblical example.  There are some worthy paradigms here.

The Global Leadership Summit  For my final offering I will make a pitch for Willow Creek’s Global Leadership Summit.  I never do this-but I think this is a great opportunity for any Christian leader to benefit from top leaders in different fields.  I have been to the summit in Chicago and have attended virtually.  There are over 200 sites around the country where you can be a part of this experience.  Take a look at their web site-and see if this would be a good opportunity for you.

There are the “5” for this week.  Lead well!

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