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5 for Leadership (08/17/12)

Here are five new posts for 5 for Leadership.  If you are familiar with the 5 for Leadership series then you will recognize a couple of these authors.  But I am also highlighting some new ones.  Click on some links and see what you think.

5 Traits of an Aware Leader  This is a throw back to March of this year and comes from Ron Edmondson.  These five points will help you to think about what you don’t know regarding the health and function of your team or others you lead.  This is a worthy read.

For Those Who Want To Lead, Read  This post hits a nerve for me.  From the time I was a young leader I have been admonished to read–a lot.  You have probably heard it too-“Leaders are readers and readers are leaders.”  I think there is a lot of merit to this.  Take a look at this Harvard Business Review post by John Coleman.  There are some very practical insights to get you going.

Missy Franklin: The Cincinnatus of the Olympics  This is a fun and insightful post linking a famed Roman general of character with the young American hero of the London games.  I found this on the Let’s Grow Leaders blog.

Genuine and Wholehearted Praise  This comes from Mary Jo Asmus.  I have highlighted her before because of her insightful and practical posts.  In this one she highlights the need for employee praise and for not crossing the line into “cheerleading”.  She also offers three wise steps to help you be sure that you remain genuine and effective with your praise.

Andy Crouch: Celebrate the City  This comes from the Faith & Leadership blog and is an interview with Andy Crouch.  Andy is part of a project sponsored by Christianity Today about the value of the city and what churches are doing in the city to be a blessing.  This resonates with me as my day job is also about being a blessing to the cities of our country.

There are the 5 for this week.  Lead well!